Tea Party: Lafayette, Indiana

In which TMQ Fanboy fills us in:

“Here’s a report on a Tax Day Tea Party from Lafayette, IN (home of Purdue University): There was about 1000 in attendance, which surprised me as the local population is well under 100,000. Though, with an announcement as enticing as the one they had, who wouldn’t want to show up. There were lots of older vets in attendance (WWII and Korea). Overall, most attendees were between 50 and 80. I would guess most of the 30-40s crowd got the pink slip at Caterpillar earlier this year.

“Most signs were generic and generally expressed anger, but three reasonably clever ones are attached. The younger crowd was conspicuously lacking. Though I did find two contemporaries dressed nicely (see Guy Fawkes and Colonial babe). Everyone was asked to bring tea bags to put in a crate to be dumped in to the Wabash River. Several hippies in canoes were paddling under the bridge in an attempt to catch the tea, but, well, let’s just say they got teabagged.”