Who will you believe?

The Magic Negro or your lying eyes?

The White House is denying that the president bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia at a G-20 meeting in London, a scene that drew criticism on the right and praise from some Arab outlets. “It wasn’t a bow. He grasped his hand with two hands, and he’s taller than King Abdullah,” said an Obama aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The hilarious thing is that this statement just undercut all of the Obamatons who have been defending this, um, nonexistent bow as being totally appropriate.

“I have no doubt that if Obama had refused to bow to the King he would have been criticized for cultural insensitivity.”

“Bowing is showing respect. Our prez calling for an end to nuclear weapons and showing respect to Muslim leaders? These are things that I could only have dreamed about the past 8 years.”

“Obama is one of the brightest minds to enter the White House in a very long time. He was on a multi-country tour with so many new people to meet and the best you can do is come up with a video of him trying to be respectful.”

It’s hard to stay on track when the conductor keeps changing the beat on you.