The ashes of England

I posted about the infuriating behavior of the British police standing by and watching people burn to death yesterday, but I deleted the post because it was simply too vicious. Mark Steyn has a rather more civilized post on the further decline of the British people:

The incident has strange echoes of that fire at a school in Saudi Arabia not long after 9/11, where the fleeing schoolgirls escaped the blazing building but, because they were unveiled, were beaten back by the stick-wielding religious police to die in the flames. In both cases, the emergency responders who are supposed to save you (or at least make an attempt) instead wind up killing you – because a rote prostration before rule enforcement trumps their basic humanity. In recent years, the British police have evolved from being merely useless (at least when it comes to traditional activities such as solving crime) into what John O’Sullivan calls “the paramilitary wing of The Guardian” – the blundering enforcers of the nanny state.

It’s clear that the governments of the world are actively seeking to raise humans that are more sheep than wolves. Americans should seriously consider fighting against government-funding for genetic research, as there can be little question that if the sort of lunatics who are now running the capital city asylums are ever given the opportunity to incorporate sheep DNA into the citizenry, they’ll do it in a heartbeat.

Don’t defend yourself. Don’t rescue your neighbors. Just sit there and bleat, and perhaps the badge gang will elect to help you. Or not, as the case may be.