Keith Olbermann is a twit

Not that you didn’t know that already:

On Thursday, Twitter was atwitter and blogs were abuzz about Keith Olbermann’s embarrassing “Worst Person” fail, following a post by Greg Pollowitz at National Review Online highlighting the hilarity. Olbermann named Twitter his “Worst Person in the World” because he mistakenly believed he wasn’t on Twitter. He was. So I thought I’d do something that Olbermann’s entire staff consistently fails to do: research.

The first lapse in research you already know about. Keith predicated his entire segment on the notion that he had no Twitter account, therefore the account in his name was fraudulent. Of course, it wasn’t true. MSNBC ran the Twitter account in Keith’s name. But believe me, this is only the beginning of an epic fail.

Look, these Talking Heads just aren’t very intelligent. They only look halfway smart because they have a team of ten or more filling their fluffy heads with words. That’s why you’ll never see them in debates, not only can’t they speak for themselves, they can’t even think for themselves.