Going Galt at graduation

There’s no need for circus theatrics, the bishop has it right and the best way to show your disapproval is to not show up. As the newspaper and cable news channels have learned, a simple refusal to participate with the Left is the most effective form of dissent by non-leftists:

The University of Notre Dame has a tradition of inviting new presidents to speak at graduation. But this year’s selection of President Barack Obama has been met by a barrage of criticism that has left some students fearing their commencement ceremony will turn into a circus. Many Catholics are angered by Obama’s planned appearance at the May 17 ceremony because of his decisions to provide federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and international family planning groups that provide abortions or educate about the procedure.

I had no qualms about skipping my own college graduation; I was out of there less than 12 hours after taking my last final. Sitting through ridiculous pablum and watching people collect expensive pieces of paper for hours is a waste of time anyhow, but watching your university sell out its core religious principles is really more than any good Catholic should accept. The problem isn’t that Obama is there, as a university should be an intellectual battleground. The problem is that he is being honored by what still purports to be a Catholic institution despite his abhorrent, anti-Catholic attacks on the sanctity of human life.