Let’s help this lady

Dr. Helen brings Amy Alkon’s situation at the Orange County Register to our attention:

If people start reading it online as of Tuesday. The editor has conceded to me that it’s been hard to find online (after readers wrote and told me the link was impossible to find).

Her stuff isn’t bad, actually. Here’s a sample:

“In the dating phase, women do what it takes to attract and hang onto a man: Looking after their looks and maintaining a figure that’s more hourglass than beer keg. While there are some wives whose medical issues prevent them from losing weight, too many interpret “Till death do us part” as “You’re stuck with me forever – more of me than you’d ever imagined.” In worst cases, a woman will eat herself so big that Greenpeace tries to save her – until they realize that’s a scrunchie on her head, not a decorative blowhole…. You sacrifice a lot for her and your kids, without reservation. You ask only one thing from her – not that she meet some bizarro new need, just that she start acting like she said “I do” to being in a partnership with you, not “I dough.””

It’s easy enough to check out a few columns in the archive. Why not go for it, especially considering how few women are willing to publicly admit that there are two sides to sex-related issues.