Autism and vaccines

Two groups of third-world immigrants to Minnesota may point to the problem:

Autism is terrifying the community of Somali immigrants in Minneapolis, and some pediatricians and educators have joined parents in raising the alarm. But public health experts say it is hard to tell whether the apparent surge of cases is an actual outbreak, with a cause that can be addressed, or just a statistical fluke.

I find it interesting that the influx of Hmong in the 1970s didn’t see a big increase in autistic Hmong, but the recent influx of Somalis did. Obviously, the vaccine schedule has been significantly increased in the last thirty years, which makes me tend to suspect that it will eventually be discovered that some sort of system overload is taking place.

It’s a real pity that scientists can’t be bothered to study the problem using the scientific method rather than using statistical measures that are bound to be flawed. Vaccines may not ultimately prove to be the causal factor, but they’re the most logical culprit and the vaccine defenders are being both irresponsible and anti-scientific in their constant refusal to support unbiased scientific inquiry into the matter. There is hysteria on both sides, but the fact that one side is defending a massive industry, not its own children, makes its position significantly less than credible.

Again, I’m not calling for the banning of all vaccines or anything, as irresponsible vaccine defenders often like to dishonestly claim of the opposition. I merely want to see a proper long-term study of two populations performed, wherein one group receives the full vaccine schedule and the other receives no vaccines. It’s an eminently doable, perfectly sensible and properly scientific approach, so why are the vaccine defenders so utterly opposed to the notion?

After all, the alternative isn’t that parents will simply shut up and go along with the program, it’s that they’ll continue to opt out of it and refuse vaccines they otherwise would have allowed their children to receive. Nobody gives a damn what scientists assert or “studies show” anymore since modern scientists are so politicized and corrupt. Either show the science or shut up; the mere possession of a white coat and a science degree no longer convinces anyone.