More atheist cowardice

So, it turns out that not only did the brave, bold Christopher Hitchens get beaten up… he was beaten up by ONE guy while running away despite the fact that he and his buddies outnumbered the guy three-to-one:

So rather than getting stomped while fighting bravely against a gang of Syrian fascists, we have Hitchens plus two sidekicks deliberately provoking Syrian thugs in a foreign city…and then fleeing like bitches when one lone Syrian nerd came after them. And even with their three crusading Western selves versus one lone Syrian nerd, Hitchens STILL got thrashed. The offended Syrian fascist even followed Hitchens into the back of the taxi and rag-dolled him in the backseat!

But he’s still fearless when it comes to taking on dead Catholic nuns! So much for the idea that he was engaging in free speech with courageous disregard for the consequences. Hitchens is a poser and clearly never would have raised pen to poster in anger if he’d known anyone who disapproved and was likely to act on that disapproval was watching. It may not be news that New Atheists such as Dawkins, Hitchens and Myers are cowards, but it is really amusing to see them demonstrate it time and time again. While the no-atheists-in-foxholes theme can’t be applied to all atheists, it certainly has its foundation in reality. It’s also amusing to note that the Syrian Social Nationalist Party is apparently a secular party with Marxist influences.