The art of MMO gaming reaches a new height as Band Of Brothers, the most powerful alliance in Eve, is taken apart… from the inside:

is not in the allince
nor is finfl
The war between FinFleet and Abbach Alliance is coming to an end. FinFleet has surrendered to Abbach Alliance. The war will be declared as being over after approximately 24 hours.
someone did a bubu ..
the allince
that’s going to be interesting
dotn exisit anymore ?
bob is closed
looks like bob closed

who is arkannen
a gm ?
dian said he was sure it was paid
I am almost certain it was paid
and cflux, there’s no record of ANY alliance reg fee ever being paid
Mako: arkannen? arkanon? hes the internal security guy
and the last one
is listed as the 8th of jan
so no, this should not be happening
and the one before that
is december
exactly a month before
so yeh, no fucking way
who is arkannen
so it should go down on 8th feb?
Mako: arkannen? arkanon? hes the internal security guy
who is gonna sit online
that I can direct a gm to?
i can be online
all night
I can too
i can be online as well
till 11 or so
Same for Evol
some with that name took al the wallet from hat
*all night
and left reson
the mittani says hi
first one who gets contact of a GM, tell him we need our constellation sovs returned
you have got to be shitting
Arkannen – Haargoth Agamar
rut roh

Since that dialogue probably didn’t make a whole lot of sense to the uninitiated, read the full explanation of the exploit to appreciate how brutally brilliant it was. Long live The Mittani! And every gamer has to love the triumphant ruthlessness of those who are leading the charge to trample upon the formerly mighty now that they are fallen:

I believe it’s pretty clear to you by now that we are pretty systemically destroying you. Within a very short period of time Delve will belong to Goonswarm and camped into stations or not, there is nothing at all you can do about it. Were I Remedial this would be about the time I’d offer you terms of surrender. I am not Remedial however. I do not want nor care for your surrender. I want every single second of this to hurt. I want it to be as painful for you as possible and I have the people behind me to make this happen….

Your time is over. This is as it should be.