WND column

A bad start:

It has only been a few weeks, but already it is clear that FDR’s legacy of the famous first 100 days is in no jeopardy. Of course, given the anti-constitutional regime the Roosevelt administration turned out to be, this is probably a good thing. And in the first month of the Obama administration, four things have become readily apparent about its nature.

First, Obama not only has a lack of executive experience, he also possesses no natural talent for management or executive decision making. While a large segment of the American electorate clearly believes that a mellifluous baritone and an ability to read from teleprompter is tantamount to executive excellence, the numerous nomination scandals and the bungling of the $827 billion stimulus bill indicate that the Obama administration will soon make even the disastrous Bush and Clinton administrations look like paragons of competence.

I have to say that I’m more than a little amused by the WND editor’s trepidations about my choice of words. The original column didn’t say “It’s not exactly new for women to openly fantasize about sex with a president”, but rather “It’s not exactly new for women to openly fantasize about being mounted by a president”. It’s always nice to know where the lines are drawn.

Now, I have no problem with their edits since it’s their site, after all. But I think this particular change is a little unfortunate because the sense of contempt is lost with the modification.