Jail the police

The problem isn’t that the police occasionally make mistakes. The problem is that the police are insulated from every being held responsible for those mistakes no matter how egregious they are:

At the end of a New Year’s Eve traffic stop on Interstate 94 in St. Paul, State Patrol Sgt. Carrie Rindal rammed Salter’s 2001 Toyota Sienna van, causing $1,500 damage to his vehicle, and arrested him at gunpoint while his three children, ages 2, 3 and 6, sat in the van. His wife had to pick up the kids as he was taken to jail.

Rindal said Salter was attempting to flee. He said he was merely looking for a safe place to pull over. The Ramsey County attorney’s office declined to charge Salter after reviewing the evidence, including a video of the stop.

NWA was right. Police in the USA are little more than a gang armed with guns and badges, roaming the streets demanding “respect” from the public as they collect the protection money known as “fines”. Rindal should be immediately removed from the force for her poor judgment and incompetence as well as her demonstrated predilection for turning a routine traffic stop into a potentially lethal situation.