Mommyblogger Dearest

Rachel Lucas rightly beats down one of the blights of blogdom:

The mommybloggers get a lot of this sort of criticism, and their defense is always the same: we’re building a community. We’re sharing and helping each other through the trials of motherhood. Good for you ladies, but you could do that without using your kids’ real names or posting their pics. I’m just saying. These kids have no say or control over any of it and it’s wrong to make that decision for them. I’d be pissed if my mom had done that to me. The thought that I could be sitting here now as an adult knowing that thousands of photos of me as a child were all over the internet, along with thousands of blog posts about my behavioral problems, temper tantrums, and pooping habits, makes me feel sick to my stomach. Privacy, people. Privacy.

I don’t think it’s any great surprise that while I am a fan of mothers, I’m not a fan of mommybloggers and their need to share not only their reliably dim-witted thoughts, but far too much information about their family with the rest of the world. I think it is not only wrong, but reprehensible to shred the privacy of one’s own children this way; I don’t even like to see children’s pictures on Facebook which is at least somewhat limited. I can understand the laudable urge to chronicle their lives, but not at the price of sharing those chronicles with the rest of the world.