The literary fraud

More evidence that Obama didn’t write his own books:

The belief that moribund institutions, rather than individuals are at the root of the problem, keep SAM’s energies alive.
– Barack Obama, “Breaking The War Mentality”

The highly indicative sentence above comes from an 1,800-word article Barack Obama wrote for Columbia’s weekly news magazine, Sundial, at the height of the KGB-generated anti-nuke craze in March 1983. Obama was 21 at the time. The sentence nicely captures Obama’s skill as a writer. The noun, “belief,” and the verb, “keep,” don’t agree – one of an appalling five such noun-verb mismatches in the essay – and the punctuation is fully random.

The President-elect is almost surely a complete fraud. There’s growing evidence that he has been from the very start. He doesn’t possess a shred of genuine literary talent, much less intellectual accomplishment; it’s hilarious to see how his supporters who are forced to confront the reality that the absence of a National Merit scholarship proves that he’s not Mensa material try to argue that he must not have taken the PSAT at his elite college prep school. No doubt they’ll argue that his bumbling press conferences in the future are nothing more than proof of his difficulty in speaking down to the level of the sub-genius.

I would say that this administration is going to be more fun than a barrel of monkeys, but no doubt some oversensitive soul would take offense at that. So, I shall simply say that I am utterly delighted that there will be magical negritude in the White House rather than bellicose neoconnery.