Whale watching

SA sent this along under the subject “words fail me”. That pretty much sums it up. “Doomed” doesn’t even begin to describe this nation of bankrupt and overweight idiots:

I’ll start off by saying how I noticed a lot of men here complain about not getting messages. Therefore, I decided to take it upon myself to message men in my area who I found interesting. This one in particular was creative, intelligent and handsome…or so his profile led me to believe. We messaged each other on and off through here and IM for about 3 weeks before we met. It’s amazing how much of a connection you can make with someone just by talking to them online. We had a lot in common and a lot of the same outlooks. I could not wait to meet him in person.

Three observations. First, no woman who weighs more than 200 pounds can ever be described as hot, let alone HOT! This is science. Second, if women truly wish for men to stop behaving like pigs, it would be wise to stop providing positive incentive for men to behave like pigs. As long as women have sex with men who are pigs and turn down the boring nice guys, guess what? Some men who aren’t completely clueless may actually notice this and behave accordingly on the off chance they happen to be interested in having sex at some point in the future. Third, if you do something spectacularly dumb, DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT IT ON THE INTERNET.