2008: it was a pretty good year

While 2008 was pretty rough on a lot of people and appears to have laid the foundation for even worse years to come, it turned out to be a surprisingly good year from my perspective. Business was only okay, but it wasn’t bad and the building blocks were put in place to deliver a much better year in 2009. After a lengthy dry spell, I published two books that were reasonably well-received, and made significant progress towards completing a new technology project that will be announced this spring. And some reasonable headway was even made towards getting my two pet game projects moving along the development curve.

In 2008, this blog grew 30 percent in terms of monthly visitors and 92 percent in monthly page views, to 130k and 240k, respectively. However, I have the sense that the quality of both the posts and comments have declined somewhat of late. I take full responsibility for the former and hope to write at least one longer, more insightful post per week in the coming year, but there’s not much I can do about the latter since it’s the inevitable result of increasing traffic lowering the common denominator. On the other hand, the Voxiversity experiment was successful and I think we are in the process of creating something that may become quite useful to a number of people over time.

Sadly, 2008 saw the loss of the inimitable Bane, and also saw a legendary Marine, General Victor Krulak, exit the stage. If have any interest in military matters but haven’t read First to Fight, you really owe it to yourself to do so. May God welcome both warriors to Him with open arms.

All in all, it was a pretty good year. But, even so, here’s to a better 2009. Happy New Year, everyone.