Perhaps they lacked were-seals

Such a pity that the budding genre of misery lit + Holocaust memoir appears to have been aborted not long after its conception. Obviously, it was missing something vital. If only Misha had lived with werewolves… perhaps sexy urban werewolves prone to snappy dialogue!

On Saturday, Berkley Books canceled Rosenblat’s memoir, “Angel at the Fence.” Rosenblat acknowledged that he and his wife did not meet, as they had said for years, at a sub-camp of Buchenwald, where she allegedly sneaked him apples and bread. The book was supposed to come out in February…. Other Holocaust memoirists have devised greater fantasies. Misha Defonseca, author of “Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust Years,” pretended she was a Jewish girl who lived with wolves during the war, when she was actually a non-Jew who lived, without wolves, in Belgium.

Now, if you don’t buy into a fake Holocaust memoir, does that still make you a Holocaust denier?