Zimbabwe solves the population problem

There’s no reason anyone in the West, least of all those of European descent, should lift a finger to interfere with Zimbabwe’s collective suicide by agricultural incompetence. Indeed, left-liberals should applaud the African nation’s proactive approach to addressing the global population problem.

Since 2000, when Mr. Mugabe began encouraging the violent invasion of the country’s large, white-owned commercial farms — once the country’s largest employers — food production has collapsed, hunger has afflicted millions and the economy has never recovered.

As PJ O’Rourke once pointed out in Holidays in Hell, no mass starvation in the 20th century occurred as a result of natural causes such as drought. It was inevitably the result of government interference. The President of the Zimbabwean Senate, Edna Madzongwe, said: “Government takes what it wants.” But what she neglected to mention, let alone realize, is that government can only take; it is inherently unproductive.