The “global warming” farce continues

One wonders precisely how cold it will have to get before the science fetishists finally admit that they’re hopelessly wrong and that the “scientific consensus” is very nearly the exact opposite of the scientific method:

Falling snowflakes glimmered in streetlights, so wide that they billowed to the ground like parachutes, and so tantalizing that even awestruck adults reached out their hands or stuck out their tongues to catch one.

By Wednesday evening, the flakes were big enough to hold their shape for a moment on the street before melting into the pavement, and a dusting had collected on parked cars in some parts of town.

The flurries tied a record for Houston’s earliest snowfall ever…. Since 1895, records indicate, snow has fallen this early just once — on Dec. 10, 1944.

I’m quite confident that the “global warming” concept is a complete crock on both historical and anecdotal grounds. We have palm trees in our backyard, but already this winter, and last winter as well, we’ve had more snow than we’d seen in the previous ten years combined.