VPFL Week 13

86 Burns Redbeards (9-4-0)
56 Alamo City Spartans (9-3-1)

82 Mounds View Meerkats (9-4-0)
60 Masonville Marauders (3-9-1)

63 Silver Spooners (7-3-3)
54 Judean Peoples Front (6-7-0)

57 Valders Valkyries (7-6-0)
47 Winston Reverends (4-9-0)

53 Greenfield Grizzlies (5-7-1)
45 Black Mouth Curs (3-10-0)

Looks like some jockeying for playoff position this weekend, but the four spots are already sealed with Alamo City, Burns, Mounds View, and the Sister Kissers locking up their berths. Use this for your Sunday NFL discussion thread…. I have to admit, I’d just as soon have the Williams Bros. today than in the first round of the playoffs. One can’t really expect the Vikes to go far this year and I’d rather not see them let Detroit off the hook for a winless season again.