A proper Mea Culpa

A Gunner repents of his utter foolishness:

You may recall that in this column, I demanded that Arsenal ‘part company’ with Arsene Wenger. I had written that demand precisely 17 minutes after we had been thrashed 3-0 by Manchester City. Our fifth, and worst, Premier League defeat of the season.

I was depressed, frustrated, consumed with blind anger and behaved like most football fans behave in the immediate aftermath of a terrible loss – irrationally. Foaming at the mouth, I scrapped the column I had already written (The ‘Gallas must go’ one) and ripped into Wenger instead.

‘Enough was enough,’ I stormed. ‘He must go!’ And for the rest of the evening, I congratulated myself on my fearless one-man campaign to oust the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history. Then I went to bed and, at 3am, reality dawned with the power of a demented 10-inch maggot crawling inside my ear. What was I thinking? How could I do this? Had I lost my mind?

I didn’t even bother to respond to Morgan’s previous madness. It was clear to me that he was simply off his gourd. I have complete faith in Arsene Wenger’s ability to reload the Arsenal and such is my confidence in his pure managerial abilities that I would prefer see him coach the Minnesota Vikings in his spare time rather than see the Purple continue to languish under the loathesome, rubbery hand of the Childress regime.