Going beyond the stupid test

It would be very interesting to see if Obama and the Democrats are truly dumb enough to call the Roman Catholic bishops on their threat to shut down one-third of the hospitals in the country:

The bishops are not bluffing when they say they’d turn out the lights rather than comply. Nor is Auxiliary Bishop Robert Hermann of St. Louis exaggerating, I don’t think, in vowing that “any one of us would consider it a privilege to die tomorrow—to die tomorrow—to bring about the end of abortion.”

Whatever your view on the legality and morality of abortion, there is another important question to be considered here: Could we even begin to reform our already overburdened health care system without these Catholic institutions? I don’t see how.

I don’t see what’s the problem here. Surely Richard Dawkins and those millions of caring, selfless atheists will gladly step into the gap.