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I figured you could help a “former” pussy liberal who finally woke up… So I’d like to buy my first gun before the Peter (SHTF) hits the fan. I have no interest in blowing someone’s head off with a .40 magnum. I’m thinking a 9mm since that is standard issue around the world and the bullets would be cheap for practice.

Anything you’d recommend? I’m leaning towards a sub-compact because I like the element of surprise. I’m looking at this

I will be frowned upon by people around me if I at least don’t make sure it has a safety. Otherwise I would just go with a sub-compact Glock.

I figured this might be of some small interest to the regulars here, plus that bit about the big caliber was just too good not to share. But give him credit for being willing to take responsibility for himself and be sure to explain the reasoning behind your recommendation.