VPFL Week 9

66 Alamo City Spartans (8-1-0)
50 Valders Valkyries (4-5-0)

61 Mounds View Meerkats (6-3-0)
54 Black Mouth Curs (2-7-0)

52 Silver Spooners (4-3-2)
50 Burns Redbeards (6-3-0)

70 Greenfield Grizzlies (4-4-1)
46 Winston Reverends (2-7-0)

48 Judean Peoples Front (4-5-0)
46 Masonville Marauders (3-5-1)

Big trade this week between the Meerkats and the Reverends. I traded two of my keepers, Peyton Manning and Colston, plus Frank Gore, for Kurt Warner, Clinton Portis, and DeSean Jackson. It looks like a dumb trade for me on paper, but Gore is the only one who has done anything for me this year, I didn’t need Portis this week, and having two pairs of WRs from Green Bay and New Orleans was a bit much. I may regret Colston, but I’m confident that I don’t need Manning, who I suspect is more seriously injured than is commonly understood. With a bad line, an aging Marvin Harrison and a departing Tony Dungy, I’m not confident that he’ll continue to be the superlative fantasy QB he’s been for the last three years, whereas I think Aaron Rodgers/Greg Jennings/Ryan Grant show real promise of becoming the Manning/Harrison/James of the future.

In the meantime, I’ll start Warner this week against a bad SF defense and either trade him before the deadline for a top WR to a team that’s interested or start him when I don’t like Rodger’s matchups.

UPDATE – Holy cats! We didn’t have the Vikes-Packers this week, so I finally broke down and got the NFL Game Pass. I went for the HD version, which is remarkably better than last year’s streamed video. It’s really an excellent solution for NFL fans outside the USA; I know more than one friend who would actually prefer this to the much-beloved Ticket. Here’s an unretouched screen cap from last week’s game against the Texans that shows how unbelievable the quality really is:

UPDATE – No matter how this game ends, you absolutely have to love Adrian Peterson. Forget his superlative talent, the man simply will not quit!