Blessings in disguise

Mickey Kaus unintentionally explains why Republicans shouldn’t have voted for Bush in 2004:

Tomorrow, if all goes as expected, Democrats should pause to be grateful that John Kerry didn’t get 70,000 more votes in Ohio in 2004. What would have happened if Kerry had won? 1) He would have presided over a slow motion loss, or continuing stalemate, in Iraq. No way Kerry would ever have approved the “surge.” 2) He would also have presided over the current housing and financial collapse that has both broken economic growth and, apparently, destroyed any chances of the incumbent party retaining the White House. Democrats don’t bear the main blame for this crisis, but is there any reason to think they would have prevented it? I can’t think of one. We’d be looking at a Republican wave instead of a Democratic sweep. …

Of course, Republicans shouldn’t have nominated Bush back in 2000 either.