2008 Election Day poll

2008 VP Election Results:

31% (N) None of the above (413)
30% (R) John McCain (402)
23% (C) Chuck Baldwin (303)
11% (L) Bob Barr (147)
05% (D) Barack Obama (60)

1,325 votes

I think it will be interesting to see how the results compare to the last time around, when 736 votes were cast as follows:

37% (R) George Bush (276)
34% (L) Michael Badnarik (254)
14% (C) Michael Peroutka (105)
10% (N) I didn’t vote (74)
04% (D) John Kerry (27)

This post will stay on top until the poll-blogging starts today, so scroll down for non-election related posts. And if there’s anything interesting going on at your local polling place, be sure to let us know.

9:18 PM – Ohio called for Obama. That should suffice to shoot down my prediction of an upset, although it’s certainly not conclusive at this point. I still expect that the pre-election polls will be shown to be inaccurate, but apparently not as inaccurate as I’d thought. I’m going to call it a night now, so if someone could do the hourly updates on the surge for me, I’d appreciate it.

9:11 PM – Republican suicide by Karl Rove. Hispanics make up 40 percent of the New Mexico electorate and go heavily for Obama. Serves John McAmnesty right. Seriously, who pays these jokers to be political strategists? They’re blatantly incompetent. The average turn-based strategy gamer would do better. Hell, the RTS guys would too. FPS triggermen, probably not.

9:01 PM – Fox mistakenly puts a checkmark calling Ohio for Obama. But it, Virginia, and Indiana are still counting votes and too close to call. Kind of running out of steam here, though, so it would be nice to see how Virginia shakes out sooner rather than later.

8:46 PM – Holy cats, #161! I never thought we’d come within 500 spots of TIA, let alone 100. Unbelievable. Barone reports that the exit polls in Virginia are overestimating Obama’s votes by more than 10 percent.

8:39 PM – Georgia called for McCain, so the Obama landslide idea is probably a non-starter.

8:15 PM – The first sign my prediction is wrong. New Hampshire called for Obama; National Review has given Pennsylvania to Obama as well. Twenty minutes later, so has Fox. At this point, I’m pretty much waiting for Virginia to reach a conclusion since New Hampshire indicates that a major McCain overperformance is unlikely.

7:30 PM – Still too close to call in Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia. GA still too close to call, which would seem to be problematic for McCain. McCain did hold West Virginia, though, where the Senate and governorship both went Democratic, as well as South Carolina.

7:27 PM – I find Derb’s lack of faith disturbing.

7:06 PM – Some incongruities. A 15-percent lead in the Indiana exit polling for Obmama, but Fox has already called the state for the Republican governor and it’s still considered too close to call, as is Virginia.

6:16 PM – Pennsylvania exit polls report +15 Obama. Which would appear conclusive, had anyone white, male and over the age of 20 been asked how they voted.

5:41 PM – Oh noes! The eleven new voters in Indiana went for Obama! And newsflash! White men in Virginia tend to prefer McCain. In other news, water is still wet. There’s clearly a book in this for the Littlest Chickenhawk. 439, by the way… no, make that 299 and #1 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > Christianity > Literature & Fiction > Fiction.

4:42 PM – 539!! And we should be getting the first projections in another 90 minutes.

3:48 PM – 995! The surge has cracked 1,000! And in what may or may not be an election report: “I’m not sure this is election news, but when I went to Fleet Farm last night to buy some last-minute deer hunting supplies, I saw they were completely sold out of shotgun buckshot loads, in all gauges and shot sizes. Which is really odd, because it’s not legal to hunt *anything* with buckshot in Minnesota.”

3:23 PM – “Somewhere in Hell, Capone, Thompson, and Daley are laughing…” – the OC.

3:10 PM – She is subtle, like a Ridgeback….

2:56 PM – All right. The prosecco is now in full E-F-F-E-C-T. Blue bottle, baby!

2:49 PM – 1,784 and #1 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > Christianity > Literature & Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy. That will make Marcher Lord very happy indeed.

2:36 PM – That Black Panther is huge! A little disappointed with his interview, though. I was so hoping that he’d announce that he was with the S1W, boyeee.

1:52 PM – A thought. If something like 30 percent of black voters and new voters have voted already, as has been claimed in some reports, then a huge Election Day turnout would tend to suggest that either McCain is drawing a bigger turnout than expected or some people are voting more than once.

1:45 PM – Marcher Lord emails to let us know that at 5,484, Summa Elvetica has become the #1 book in Books > Religion & Spirituality > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy, surpassing CS Lewis’s Perelandra.

12:15 PM – The Summa Elvetica surge commences! We’re starting at a lofty rank of 389,710 with an ultimate objective of cracking the top 999. (Small press, reasonable goals, you know?) Place your orders here!

12:08 PM – PANTHER POWER! Fox has the first sighting of Obama’s Schwarztruppen trying to run a little intimidation operation at a polling place. This is going to be more amusing than I’d thought!