Book surge and pollblog reminder

Just a reminder for those interested: the Summa Elvetica surge will take place tomorrow between 12 noon and 12 midnight Eastern, so if you’re planning to participate, make sure you get your orders in between those times. Amazon says out of stock, but ignore that since it’s a print-to-order system anyhow.

I don’t know exactly what time I’ll start pollblogging tomorrow, but Spacebunny and I will be sitting down with a bottle of prosecco or two in front of the television starting sometime around 3 PM EST. In order to maximize our viewing pleasure, we’ll switch between CNN and MSNBC if Obama looks to be losing, or Fox if things aren’t going McCain’s way. Feel free to swing by, hang out, and bask in the schadenfreude however it turns out.

The best part of being a libertarian is never having to worry about how the election turns out.