The foolishness of fear

Andy McCarthy reminds us that this is the mostest importantest election EVAR… again:

As anyone who follows the Corner and cares about such things knows, I have never been a McCain fan. I worry a great deal about McCain reaching across the aisle for the next four years “to get things done” (which I imagine, to detour for a moment on the judicial-appointees issue Ramesh and Peter debated yesterday, would involve throwing congressional Dems a lot of judicial slots on the lower courts, and — as Ramesh and I have discussed before — I am not as confident as some that McCain’s Supreme Court picks would be very satisfying). I also fret about Republicans in Congress rolling over for McCain when they’d be inclined to fight Obama. For a long time, I struggled with the question whether it would be better — especially on the matter of conservative reform discussed here yesterday — if we just resigned ourselves to rebuilding and becoming a coherent opposition to an Obama administration.

I abandoned that idea because, while I disagree with McCain on many things, I am frightened by Obama. He would try to change the United States in very fundamental ways.

This post is unfortunately yet another in the countless repetitions of “vote the lesser evil because this is the mostest importantest election EVAR”. We see this every four years from Republicans and all it does is to ensure is that both the greater and lesser evils are further to the left four years later. Abandoning reason for emotion – you state outright that you’re “frightened” – is hardly the way to ensure long-term success.

Political pragmatism dug this hole. Abandoning principle one more time won’t help America or the Republican Party get out of it.

McCain will be very bad. Obama will be even worse. No conservative, libertarian, or republican of principle should vote for either man.