Will wonders never cease

Maureen Dowd proves to be more politically astute than John McCain and his campaign managers:

John McCain wasted his last-chance debate Wednesday by trying to stir up faux class rage against Barack Obama with Joe the Unvetted Plumber instead of tapping into the real class rage the country feels over bailing out ungrateful financiers who gambled away the life savings of working people.

And you’ll note that the bailout is turning out to be far more about benefitting the bankers than saving the economy. Unless, of course, the plan is to save the economy by funding the conspicuous consumption of luxury items. Anyhow, if McCain had come out hard against the bailout, he’d be 10 points ahead in the polls now. Good thing he didn’t or we’d get exactly the same administration, in white, without all the high comedy I’ve been so anticipating.

Clearly there needs to be a lot more of this sort of thing.