Fear of a Black Cabinet

Since when is it surprising, let alone news, that the black guy supports the other black guy?

Colin Powell, a Republican who once aspired to be the first black United States president and later became one of the faces of George W. Bush’s Iraq war, has endorsed Barack Obama for the White House.

For obvious reasons, blacks don’t fear being called racist. They even have a cadre of sympathetic white academics who will argue that they can’t possibly be racist by definition. Therefore, they can always be expected to engage in normal human tribal behavior without fear of retribution or even criticism. I didn’t blog about this before because it never even crossed my mind that Powell wouldn’t endorse Obama.

I’m very much hoping that if Obama wins, he’ll pull a Denny Green and go with an all-black Cabinet, except for one token white woman running HHS. “Black is back, all in, we’re gonna win!” That would simply be too funny for words. Did I mention how much I’m enjoying this election?

As America burned itself away into the ashes of history,at least the survivors could find consolation in knowing that no one would call them racist.