Obama cries

Rachel Lucas fails to empathize with the Democratic president-in-waiting’s complaints about how the entire media isn’t sufficiently supportive of his magical negritude:

If there were no CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CSPAN, PBS, NPR, the LA Times, the New York Times, and every other major paper in the country, a radical socialist with insufficient experience like Obama would be down in the polls about 30 points.

You want to talk about an entire industry – an entire apparatus – designed to perpetuate a cultural schism, to give one guy an edge over another guy based on soundbites and bias? You want to talk about that? And you think it’s WORKING AGAINST YOU, SENATOR BARACK OBAMA???

Sorry for all the yelling. I just simply cannot believe my own eyes on this one. I truly cannot FATHOM that this man, who is supposedly intelligent and “aware”, would actually say with a straight face that there’s an entire industry – in the form of the media – that is anything other than his own personal cheerleading corps.

Of course, Fox News is about 10 percent to the right of the rest of the mainstream media, so it’s not as if it makes any difference anyhow. But I’m enjoying the pre-Obama administration period already; that pragmatic Karl Rove Republicanism really worked out well, didn’t it?

It’s such a good thing Republicans didn’t stick to republican principles, because otherwise they wouldn’t be so popular with the electorate and might well be looking at a Democratic White House, House, and Senate.