VPFL Week 5

63 Alamo City Spartans (5-0-0)
48 Greenfield Grizzlies (2-2-1)

63 Silver Spooners (2-1-2)
45 Valders Valkyries (4-1-0)

66 Burns Redbeards (3-2-0)
63 Masonville Marauders (1-3-1)

65 Mounds View Meerkats (3-2-0)
50 Judean Peoples Front (2-3-0)

61 Black Mouth Curs (1-4-0)
52 Winston Reverends (0-5-0)

This appears to be somewhat of an odd season. I had all three of my keepers sitting on the bench this week. None of them have performed well yet this year, I haven’t scored a ton of points, and yet I’ve gotten off to a much better start than last year when I couldn’t buy a win. Alamo looks like the team to beat; I find Reggie Bush’s performance to be more than a little annoying considering that I had him for two years and he was rarely worth taking off the bench.