A lesson learned far too late

A conservative Republican finally begins to grasp what I’ve been telling them since 2001:

It is our responsibility, as conservatives, to never let the Delays, Hasterts, Doles, etc. lead our party again. We must demand accountability and conservative principles. We can disagree on a number of issues, but we must never let those who believe that government can spend the money better than those who make the money, ever in power in our party again.

I have always believed that half a loaf (Dole, McCain, etc.) was better than no loaf at all. Now I have changed my mind. What good has been President Bush’s agreeing to No Child Left Behind with Sen. Kennedy? Or Sen. McCain’s to McCain Feingold? Or Sen. McCain’s to McCain/Kennedy on immigration?

The Republican Party of John McCain has no raison d’etre. There is no need for it whatsoever, as evidenced by the fact that even a wildly unelectable Democratic candidate like Barack Obama can run a completely incompetent campaign and still be in a position to beat it.

I’m not convinced that McCain is quite as doomed as many despairing Republican pundits assume, since thanks to Obama’s incompetence, the polls remain well within the range of the pro-Democrat fudge factor, but I am convinced that there is nothing positive to be gained from a McCain victory. As I wrote a few days ago, I prefer open and avowed socialism to the sort that comes in a faux conservative guise.