Summa Elvetica: the third review

Courtesy of the Responsible Puppet:

The Author of this book has already explained that he is not overly fond of being compared to Tolkien, thinking himself and his writings not up to the comparison, but I will begin this book review with the one criticism of the “Lord of the Rings” that Tolkien admitted to agreeing with in the forward: The book is too short. This is my biggest (and perhaps only) serious criticism…. Beale has implied that he isn’t planning on publishing any extensions to the world he had created here. Too bad, because my feeling here (getting back to Tolkien) is that this book could be a “The Hobbit”-like prelude to a much more significant fictional writing. This is no slight, because I really liked Hobbit. And I really liked this one, as well.

Just to set things straight, I probably will write something set in the world of Summa Elvetica in the future. I just don’t think it will be the next book I write. But I could be wrong, since I didn’t think SE was a book that was ever going to get written in the first place.

But thanks to Marcher Lord Press, it was, and you can buy it here if it sounds of interest to you.