I prefer my socialism straight

So does this reader of Rod Dreher’s. And he’s not the first Minnesotan from whom I’ve heard that had been planning to vote Republican this fall and has now changed his mind:

I was committed to the GOP ticket, supported McCain/Palin and Coleman financially. I live in Minnesota and can hardly bear the thought of Senator Franken. But I have decided NO major party candidates will get my vote. My Senators and Rep all voted yes. I have emailed and called each before and after the vote demanding detailed information on when they read this 451 page atrocity, and why it was neccesary to include the crap that it did. I told the people that answered the phone I expected a letter in response with detailed answers.

They hung up on me or just said they would pass the message on. Your elected officials, in most cases, are so afraid of what they have created they will do anything they are told to try and avoid the unavoidable consequences of the circumstances they have created.

I am more willing to suffer a President Obama and a Senator Franken that I am to support GOP candidates who advocated and voted for this bailout.

I find it incredibly humorous that Al Franken may win a Senate seat solely because Norm Coleman was dumb enough to set himself against the most vehement outpouring of public opinion since the Republican attempt to give migration amnesty. One benefit of this bailout is that it has ended “the lesser evil” argument once and for all.