Bailout: the blog view

John Hawkins of Right Wing News asks the nominally right-wing blogosphere four questions about the bailout:

1) Is the PRIMARY cause of this crisis…

A) Deregulation, market forces, and Wall Street?: 7% (4)

B) Government interference in the market?: 93% (56)

2) Do you support the bailout?

A) Yes: 29% (18)

B) No: 71% (44)

Interesting, when the nominally conservative commentariat appeared to support the bailout in similar percentages. No wonder conservatives are increasingly moving towards the blogs and away from their media-appointed champions who increasingly look like the PR specialists for the other side. I understand that the Democrats are largely to blame for the housing problem, but I really do not see how the economic situation can help McCain in any way.

After all, as that great conservative George Bush has declared, when people are hurting, the government has to act.