Megan chucks a spear at Obama

Miss McArdle is entirely correct in the body of her post on correctly apportioning blame for the recent financial debacles. But as for that title, well, I’m confident it’s just a typo. She’s not generally the too-clever-by-half sort. But I laughed, I did:

Obama goes for the jungular

Obama is seeking to blame the current crisis on the Bush Administration

The blame for the problematic state of the economy lies squarely with the Federal Reserve. It should be abolished and the money power returned to the several States; if it is not, the nation will go bankrupt and be broken by forces much stronger than mere partisan politics. The Bush administration can quite reasonably be blamed, however, for granting the taxpayer guarantee to Fannie and Freddie debt, as well as for its literally criminal decision to keep those massive liabilities off the Federal books.

I am truly enjoying the Obama campaign. Between the “lipstick on a pig” experiment in self-immolation and the recent decision by the Great Speechifier to carry his teleprompter around like a childhood blankie, it just keeps getting better every day. I’m won’t say I share the despair of his Democratic devotees, but I am starting to think I might just feel a little bereft without him in the headlines after the first week in November. He’s such a natural unintentional comedian.