VPFL Week 1

73 Judean Peoples Front
43 Black Mouth Curs

69 Burns Redbeards
51 Mounds View Meerkats

66 Valders Valkyries
29 Masonville Marauders

56 Alamo City Spartans
42 Winston Reverends

49 Silver Spooners
49 Greenfield Grizzlies

Off to my usual slow start, scoring more than the other losers, but not enough to win. Apparently, my autodraft is in sync with the Sports Guy: “Reason No. 783 why fantasy football drives me crazy: You only had to watch an hour of that Pack-Vikes game before you realized, “Dammit, I should have had Greg Jennings, Ryan Grant, Donald Driver and Aaron Rodgers three rounds higher.”

Yeah, Bill, well, I got them all. So, if the Packers go 13-3 and lead the league in scoring, I should be all right. Here’s the VP-AFL results for Week One:

Carpe Oro 78
Az Hammeroids 96

Supernauts Jihad 74
Masonville Marauders 112

The Thunder 80
Village Valkyries 72

Alamo City Spartans 108
Cranberry Bogs 99

COS McRays 70
Bukkakelypse Boyz 91