The future belongs to those who show up

Spengler points out that there’s absolutely no point in defending Georgia and Ukraine, so there’s no reason to interfere with Russia playing games in its backyard:

The fact is that there won’t be any Georgians or Ukrainians in the not-too-distant future. By coincidence, Washington’s two favorite beacons of liberty happen to be the two countries with the world’s fastest rate of population decline. By mid-century they will have barely half as many inhabitants as they do today, and half of those who remain will be elderly. Hardly [any] men of military age and women of child-bearing age will remain. Their economies will implode long before the mid-century mark, as soaring retirement costs crush state budgets, and young people emigrate to escape the burden of supporting the elderly.

If they don’t care enough about their nations to propagate, then why in the names of Patrick Henry, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson should Americans die for them? As usual, Spengler is three steps ahead of the curve.