The road to human extinction…

is paved by science:

Let’s face it, we really trust science. In fact, studies suggest that the vast majority of people will murder another human being, if a guy in a lab coat tells them it’s OK. But surely in their insatiable curiosity and desire to put knowledge above all things, science would never, say, inadvertently set off a chain of events that lead to some sort of disaster that ended the world. Right?

This, of course, says nothing of the insistence of keeping the 1917 flu virus on ice, the continued research on new and better ways to kill people, and the scientific contribution to anthropogenic global warming. Just out of curiosity, I thought I’d take a stab at the five greatest dangers presented to the planet by religion.

1. Islamic fanatics sweeping across the Atlantic on camelback. Evolved amphibious camels!
2. Neo-aztecs sacrificing six billion people with stone knives atop a rebuilt Great Pyramid at Tenochtitlan.
3. Jews successfully converting the rest of the planet to Judaism, then being holocausted en masse by the twelve remaining Christians holding them collectively and retroactively responsible for killing Jesus two thousand some years ago.
4. This is the perfect time for the revival of the Spanish Inquisition, since no one is expecting it.
5. Evangelical Bhowanee-thugeeism.