Obama’s Islamic ways

His campaign behaves almost exactly like the Council on American Islamic Relations:

Rosenberg’s producer called the Obama campaign to see if they wanted to have someone on to reply (for the full 2 hours) and the spokesman (Ben Labolt) simply asked for the station manager’s name and then hung up on them. An emergency action email went out with specific talking points and thousands of calls and emails flooded the stations demanded that Kurtz be silenced. A number of callers have called literally reading these bullet points.

HopeChange: it’s all about silencing your opponents because you’ve got nothing to say yourself. The amazing thing is that the Magic Negro has somehow managed to make the crazy old Republican coot look downright sane, sober, and safe by comparison… and during the Democratic Party’s convention, no less!

As one commenter noted: “They scare me, and I’ve voted Democrat all my life.”