And the Lizard Queen lurks

The Obama campaign is sinking fast:

Megan’s Fourth Law of Politics: The party that starts looking for implausible and unprovable conspiracy theories about the opposition candidate is in trouble.

The “strange coincidence” of McCain’s cross-in-the-dirt story is not necessarily any such thing, it merely demonstrates the extreme unfamiliarity of Democrats with Christian history and the frequency with which atheist Communists have persecuted Christians over the last 100 years. Due to the long history of Christian persecution, which dates back to Imperial Rome, communication between Christians is believed to have long involved such non-verbal interactions; the famous fish symbol is said to have been used in such a way.

Sadly, there is little doubt that there are Christians in North Korean camps drawing crosses in the dirt even today. Not all Christians have the courage to speak out against evil rulers and accept martyrdom, but it’s not surprising that even the most fearful and compromised believer would take action to tell a suffering fellow Christian that he is not alone in his darkest hour.

Obama was already sliding in the polls and he has really looked terrible this week. If he continues to head south over the next month, expect whispers of a pro-Hillary uprising to start being floated in the press.

UPDATE – It certainly is no coincidence, as Solzhenitsyn never wrote any such story about his imprisonment, not in The Gulag Archipelago or anywhere else. I have little regard for Republicans, but leave it to a Democrat – and probably an atheist Democrat – to come up with such a stupid and easily debunked means of attacking someone.