The puppets tumble

Musharraf is out, no doubt Sakaashvili will soon follow:

Pervez Musharraf announced today that he was resigning as a President of Pakistan….Mr Musharraf dominated Pakistan for years after seizing power in a 1999 military coup, making the country a key strategic ally of the United States by supporting the war on terror. But his popularity at home sank over the years. Many Pakistanis blame rising violence in their country on his alliance with the United States, and his reputation suffered further last year 2007 when he ousted dozens of judges and imposed emergency rule.

It’s becoming abundantly clear that the neocon project is on the verge of collapsing about their ears. This is the dangerous period, as one has to expect them to push hard for one last risky throw of the dice that will get the world democratic revolution back to break-even. Given the recent positioning of the U.S. carrier forces, I think the fall of Musharraf and the Georgian debacle make a strike on Iran prior to November much more likely.