Fear of a Hot Planet

This really is getting pretty funny:

The high temperature at Denver International Airport today was 58 degrees. This 58 degree reading will replace the previous low maximum temperature record for August 16th which was 63 degrees set 118 years ago in 1890.

And scientists wonder why so few respects them or science as they think they deserve… if they’d stop trying to peddle complete BS under the aegis of their sacred methodology, then people would be inclined to place more trust in them. As it stands, you’d have to be insane to permit them anywhere near the levers of power, especially given their predilection for technocratic autocracy.

I find it very interesting that despite the way in which science has prospered more in Christian, capitalist, decentralized societies, most scientists appear to favor secular, socialist, centralized societies. It’s amusingly unscientific… which should come as no surprise as some of them STILL subscribe to the Enlightenment prophecy that has remained unfulfilled for more than 200 years:

Science as an Instrument of Change

Atheism is a natural consequence of the scientific way of looking at the world; furthermore, the scientific perspective is ascendant. Myers will explain why the new atheism is a reasonable and predictable product of our culture, and why that should give us hope for a more secular future.
– PZ Myers

Good luck making that case. Only a scientist as poorly educated in history as old PZ could hope to do so; much better-educated atheists such as Jonathan Haidt and Daniel Dennett know better than to even try it.