Presidential vote

I noticed Mr. Dr. Helen, aka Instapundit, is running a U.S. presidential poll, so I thought it might be interesting to compare the results of VP readers with Instapundit readers. Here are the results of the two polls:

7,978 votes
82% – John McCain (R)
09% – None of the Above
05% – Bob Barr (L)
04% – Barack Obama (D)
00% – Ralph Nader (I)

Vox Popoli
1,022 votes
52% – None of the Above
21% – Bob Barr (L)
13% – Barack Obama (D)
13% – John McCain (R)
01% – Ralph Nader (I)

There are three interesting things to observe here. First, VP readers appear to be significantly more active on this blog than are Instapundit readers; if the VP readership was 12.8 percent of Insty’s total, it would average 30k daily readers, not 4k. Second, VP is very clearly not the Republican haven that it is commonly supposed to be by liberals and unlike most blogs it is not read only by the echo chamber. I was extremely surprised at how Republican-heavy Instapundit turned out to be. And third, for all its radical libertarian extremism, VP is arguably more in tune with the mood of the general public than most political blogs, including Instapundit, as it’s quite possible that at least 52 percent of the American electorate will join the 534 readers here – and me – in refusing to vote for any of the declared candidates referenced in this poll.