A succinct summary

Rachel Lucas gives up political blogging:

The main reason people will feel compelled to lie about you or insult you in general is because they actively dislike you. The best way to make people actively dislike you is to publish your political opinions on the internet.

I don’t blame her in the least, although it will be a pity to lose her acerbic take on the madness of the Magic Negro and lunacies of the Left, especially given the prospects for a Democratic victory in November. The extent of my lack of concern for what people think of me and my opinions borders on the conceptual limits of human idiocy, and yet, I have to admit that there are occasionally times when I wonder why I am putting up with yet another ignorant cretin spouting yet more predictable nonsense under the mistaken assumption that he is saying something original.

Then, of course, I remember that my cruelty requires an artistic outlet and instead of being annoyed, I find myself feeling grateful that these masochistic little flies should insist on gracing my humble parlor with their presence despite it being littered with the drained husks of their predecessors. But not everyone is a predator at heart and it is unfortunate that the web Miss Lucas happens to spin is so attractive to so many unappealing intellectual insects.

I don’t know how long I’ll continue this blog, but I tend to find myself invigorated by all the lies and the cheap shots. Perhaps, as some of my friends have suggested, I feed too much on the Dark Side of the Force, but when I see blatantly untrue things being posted about me or ludicrous things being added to my biography on Wikipedia, it just gives me the motivation to work that much harder.

UPDATE – We’re NUMBER 24! It seems someone thinks VP is the 24th most influential liberty-oriented blog on the Internet. Given the fact that this blog averages less than 5,000 daily readers, this tends to support my theory that America is simply not slavering after its missing freedom.