Generosity of the godless

In case it’s not abundantly clear that Richard Dawkins’s OUT campaign has failed:

Campaigners hoped to raise the raise the £23,400 necessary to buy a prominent two-week slot on a “bendy bus” by collecting £5 pledges from atheists online. They even made a mock-up photo of a bus carrying their chosen message: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and get on with your life.”

The project attracted huge attention on atheist message boards and was even featured on the website of scientist and promiment atheist Richard Dawkins, but it appears that too few non-believers actually put their hands in their pockets. A specially-created website had attracted only 877 pledges when its deadline passed on Thursday, far short of the 4,678 people needed.

Such a surprise. Imagine how little they’d have raised if it was for something that the militant atheists don’t care about at all, such as helping the sick, the poor, and the hungry.