More Neoconnery

It appears increasingly likely that the Yushchenko “poisoning” was yet another media fiction:

The media narrative at the time was staunchly behind the poisoning theory, with the clear addendum that the Kremlin was responsible, if not Putin personally then some “rogue” element of the FSB, which was routinely referred to by its old acronym: KGB. There were all sort of indications, however, including testimony from Dr. Lothar Wicke – at the time chief medical doctor at the Rudolfinerhaus clinic, where Yushcenko was treated – that pointed to a rather more complicated if less dramatic diagnosis: pancreatitis, brought on by alcohol abuse. Wicke’s public statements disputing the official diagnosis provoked the ire of Yushchenko’s supporters, threats were made, and Wicke had to be provided with police protection.

It’s getting to the point that being “informed” by following the news is likely to leave you further away from reality than simple ignorance. Of course, no one cares, since as Raimondo rightly points out, the media and those whose realities are defined by it have a collective memory of about three days.