Home and Garden hater

Miss Lucas has an itchy trigger finger:

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve watched maybe a dozen episodes of “House Hunters”, and in at least 10 of those episodes, the following occurred almost verbatim every single time:

Wife: Oh! This is a nice big closet.

Husband: Yeah, I guess it’s big enough for all your stuff.

Wife: HA HA! I get all the closet space! It’s mine! You get one drawer! HA HA HA HA!

This makes me want to kill some bitches.

They are so proud of the fact that they own 50 pairs of shoes and two metric tons of cocktail dresses, and that they’ve shown their husband who’s boss by hogging all the closet space. You can see it in their eyes, every time, how cutely sassy they think they’re being. It is absolutely revolting.

Let me add some male support to that notion. While there are some guys who genuinely think “sassy” and “spunky” is sexy, they are the very same guys who find themselves sitting around praying for death or divorce by the age of 40. They tend to be nice, passive guys who are entirely incapable of standing up to a woman or telling her no. If you cannot tell a woman no without feeling sick to your stomach beforehand and quaking in terror afterwards, you really shouldn’t get married. You’re not only going to suffer for most of your adult life, you’re going to make her miserable as well. Grown up men and women not only have to be able to say no, they also have to be able to hear and accept no.

Read the comments too, as they contain what may well be the most hilarious comment in the history of the blogosphere.