The LoUC strikes again

Shockingly, British corporations aren’t terribly enthusiastic about hiring people who aren’t required to actually work for them:

The radical extension of maternity leave is in danger of sabotaging women’s careers, the head of the new equality watchdog has warned. With women now entitled to a year off for each child, Nicola Brewer, the chief executive of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, said employers were thinking twice about offering them jobs or promotion. She said that her concerns were underlined when the entrepreneur Sir Alan Sugar said that many employers simply binned CVs of women of child-bearing age.

This isn’t new. I remember when my mother was running an HR department, and it was her principle to only hire women under the age of 30 for positions that weren’t career-oriented. It didn’t matter what the young woman said about her plans; she’d seen too many women who swore up and down that they intended to continue working suddenly change their plans after getting married.

That’s not a bad thing, as children are much better off with their mother at home. But this need to fix the fix is just one more indication of the unsustainability of equalitarian culture, as with socialism and other forms of interventionist society, the unstable foundation on irrational premises requires constant adjustments by the government, the cumulative effect of which will permanently destabilize the society and cause it to collapse.