I’m not, strictly speaking, on Facebook, to the extent that I actually intend to make any use of it. But since Blackblade was kind enough to create a profile for me there – I think we’ll be using it for some interesting automated CoComment stuff soon – I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let those of you who make use of Facebook know about it, since a few folks have clearly run across it.

I have to admit, I find the whole “will you be my friend” thing to be rather cringeworthy, but then, this is hardly the first social trend that has left me entirely mystified. I mean, why on Azaroth would you waste time collecting friends on Facebook when you could be racking up a seven-digit body count in the battlegrounds?

Okay, maybe I am just a tad anti-social.

UPDATE – Speaking of social networks, Spacebunny has created a homeschool group for those who might be interested. If you want to join, login to CoComment and request an invitation from her.